solid Timber Vs. Engineered Flooring

Let us explain the difference…

An Exemplary End Result

So in the above image, the floor on the left is what most people associate with a “wooden floor” – and yes, you are correct, it is! However, as with everything in life, technologies progress. Look above at the left and right comparisons and to bring things up to times maybe think of the left as a tower PC and the right as a new generation tablet which runs more efficiently – thus effectively.

Traditional solid timber floors need a lot more care and attention, and suitably stable humidity and temperature controls in their environment in order to perform.

Engineered flooring is the newer update to solid timber floors, as you can see from the picture above, the ‘top’ of the floor is pretty much identical in thickness to its solid counterpart.

What are the benefits of engineered flooring?


Furniture Packed

Engineered flooring comes furniture packed, which makes acclimatising a breeze.


Less prone to movement

It’s much less prone to excessive movement during periods of either high or low temperatures and humidity.


Easier to fit

Engineered flooring is much easier and flexible to fit.

Engineered flooring offers often the most economical and ecological alternative to ‘solid’ wood flooring. It’s construction includes a hard wood top that can be renovated up to three times and due to it’s softwood backing keeps movement down to a minimum. These floors are also suitable over underfloor heating providing manufacturers guidelines are observed.

Choosing an engineered floor over a solid wood floor also has a positive effect on the environment as the softwood backing is manufactured from fast growing species of trees that can be sustained a lot quicker than the slower growing hardwood trees.

Here at Floorcraft Reading, we use Kahrs and Ted Todd & Sons engineered floors which we consider to be the best engineered manufacturers available.

We're sustainable, too!

Here at Floorcraft, we only use fully certified FSC suppliers whose ethos is sustainability and plant many more trees after felling those to make those beautiful floors.

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